CirclE of prayer list

We are praying for the grieving Family and Friends of: Jerry S (esp. his Mother, Joyce S) ~ Rich (esp.Donna, Dawn and Joan, relatives of Sue S) AND Dave (esp. spouse, Dawn, cousin of Sue S) ~ Rev. Bob B (esp. Lavon) ~ Ray Claudia (esp. daughters Theresa and Sue), ~ Barry (esp. Joan), ~ David G ~ any who grieve due towards and gun violence

We are also praying for:  Tina and her two children ~ those beginning the new School Year ~ Jim P ~ Michael C (car accident/coma, son of Pat J's friend) ~ all employment or unemployment situations ~ Dan D (cancer, friend of Gloria N) ~ Susan J ~ Gina (cancer, friend of Joyce K) ~ Shirley W ~ Anyone with Covid/ Delta/ Omicron viruses, Polio, hMPXVe Jean S ~ Jim and Janet (friends of Shirley W) ~ Tyson (for support, Mary H's grandson) ~ Stephanie L (recovering, Steve L, and Melynda L' s, daughter) ~ Carolyn S  & Chuck ~ Kristen (hospice, Roy E's daughter) ~ Sandra and Del P ~ Debbie (lung cancer, friend of Shirley and John) ~ Diana & Barb (Pat J's sisters) John J & Norma Dan B (friend of John & Shirley) ~ Ally ~ Geri (101 years old, friend of Joyce K) ~ Mary H ~ Burton Y (recovery) ~ Ryan (young boy w/leukemia) ~ Christine (terminal cancer, w/3 young children, Sue Y's friend) Kathy S (daughter of Bob & Bevia P) Reicher and Zion ~ Aranka & George (friends of Gerda) ~ Jennifer M (recovering) ~ Pat B ~ Ann S and David (and family) ~ Missioners April S, Pastor Anita ~ Novella S ~ Ron E ~ Jim P & Marlene ~ Dorothy P ~ Bob & Bevia P ~ Patti, Mariellen (cancer, friends of Joan O) ~ Catherine S ~ Joyce K ~ Estrella (friend of Alice R) Jack & Lois G Jeff & Barb H ~ Jo Q ~ Tony ~ Sonny ~ Joe ~ Eddy ~ Millie B ~ Betsy S ~ Gayle & David V ~ Kimberly N ~ Service men & women deployed for current world situations, including Steve S ~ Gary & Jessica H ~ Christopher D ~ Travis S

If you would like someone added to the Circle of Prayer List, please call the church office. 630-289-1320