CirclE of prayer list

We are praying for the grieving Family and Friends of: Del P (esp. Sandra) ~ Cheryl (esp. Amanda, Mike A and Sharon H) ~ John J (esp. Norma) ~ Mia (daughter-in-law of Marilyn and John Z) anyone who grieves due to disease, gun violence, and war.

We are also praying for: Pat J (eyes, tests) ~Eugene and Martha (car accident, friends of Pat J) ~ Lois T ~ Penny N ~ Novella S (physical therapy) ~ Loretta ~ Lee M ~ Kathryn and Trisha (friends of Ann S) ~ Alyssa and brother Daniel ~ Barb N (friend of Shirley W) ~ Arthur (Amryn's dog) ~  Randy W (friend of Del and Burton) ~ Burton Y ~ Mike F (Lynn F's Father) ~ Karen, improving (sister-in-law of Sue S and Kay) ~ Susan J (tests) ~ Carol D (broken foot, friend of Joyce M) ~ Bevia P & Bob ~ Jack G and Lois ~ all employment or unemployment situations ~  Anyone with Covid/ Delta/ Omicron viruses, Polio, hMPXV ~ Tyson (for support, Mary H's grandson) ~ Kristen (hospice, Roy E's daughter) Christine (terminal cancer, w/3 young children, Sue Y's friend) Kathy S (daughter of Bob & Bevia P) ~ Ann S and David (and family) ~ Dorothy P ~  Catherine S ~ Joyce K ~ Jeff & Barb H ~ Jo Q ~ Tony ~ Sonny ~ Joe ~ Eddy ~ Millie B ~ Betsy S ~ Gayle & David V ~ Kimberly N ~ Service men & women deployed for current world situations, including Steve S ~ Gary & Jessica H ~ Christopher D ~ Travis S ~ Ethan B

If you would like someone added to the Circle of Prayer List, please call the church office. 630-289-1320