On August 15, 1891 families in and around Bartlett decided to build a church in their own community in preference to traveling to Ontarioville (now Hanover Park) or Hoosier Grove (now Streamwood) for worship. They chose to keep the name of the mothering congregations, IMMANUEL – God is with us – as their own on August 26, 1891.

Two lots were purchased at the corner of North and Western Avenues for $150. Plans were drawn, and on September 21 the church incorporated. The cornerstone was laid on October 1, and the building was erected over the winter and dedicated, debt free, on March 13, 1892 at a cost of $1,825.

In 1892, a Sunday School was organized and a parochial school built. In 1893 the Frauen Verein (Ladies Aid) furnished the church and purchased a 609 pound bronze bell. In 1919 the church was cut in two and extended 16 feet in length, and raised, to add a basement. An 11 rank Kilgen pipe organ was purchased for $2,220.

Additional lots were purchased in 1916 and 1958, increasing the church property to one half block. In December of 1960 the congregation filed an affidavit to become Immanuel United Church of Christ (U.C.C.).  In 1964-65 an Education Building and a parsonage were constructed.

The 80th anniversary of the congregation was celebrated with the addition of new siding, a new entrance and a decorative cornerstone with historic items of the church’s history placed inside.

In preparation for the Centennial year, 1991-92, the organ was rebuilt and the Sanctuary completely restored and decorated. Three art-glass windows depicting scenes from the life of Christ were given in memory of loved ones.

The congregation celebrated their 125th anniversary in 2016 with a special worship service, the unveiling of a commissioned tile mosaic designed and created by Bartlett artist, Lambert Lucietto, an anniversary booklet with member's stories, and an outdoor "old fashioned picnic."

Immanuel sponsors Boy Scout Troop 26 and extends its facilities to other community groups, like AA. All God's Children Preschool served the community from 1995-2016.

The history of our denomination depicts the merging of different faith traditions: The Congregational Church with the Christian Church in 1931, and the German Evangelical Church with the Reformed Church of Germany in 1934. In 1957 these merged denominations joined to become the United Church of Christ (UCC). Though 'young' by history's standards, the UCC is connected to rich backgrounds and theology: England/New England's 'Puritan' and Martin Luther's German 'Reformed' traditions. This "God is Still Speaking" denomination, with each local congregation determining its' place in their respective communities, continues to be a "united and uniting church" with Jesus Christ as its' foundation.

Immanuel United Church of Christ has been served by the following pastors:

1891-1892  Gustav Hagemann

1892-1913  Carl F. Baumann

1914-1916  Herman Wolf

1916-1918  Kurt M. Kielhorn

1918-1937  William F. Rathmann

1937-1945  Frederick Schnadthorst

1945-1957  Benjamin Freese

1957-1962  Dennis W. Patterson

1962-1969  William F. Nagy

1970-1994  Theodore E. Preuss

1994-1998  Gerald R. O’Connor

2000-2006  James Benzing

2010-2023  Susan Tyrrel